Friday, September 2, 2011

Discussion 27: Ayre's Rock

Frankie and I are back for out weekly discussions. We have a few different things planned, and please post any suggestions on things you'd like to see in the comments. We look forward to teaching our readers new paranormal things!

Ayre's Rock, known as Uluru, it's aboriginal name, is located in Northern Territory, Australia. It's sacred to aboriginal creation mythology, which is known as dreamtime. It is Australia's post popular natural attraction.

Many tourists who have visited Ayre's rock have taken small pieces of it as souvenirs. The strange part? Most all of these bits of rock have been returned with claims by the owners that they have had bad luck ever since. It is said that Uluru has it's own magic and way of protecting itself. It reminds me of the "Brady Bunch" Hawaii episode where Peter (I think?) found the tiki idol and everyone who had it had bad luck. Have you ever had an item that gave you constant bad luck?

Ayre's Rock is a sandstone formation 1,142 feet high and 2 miles long. Possibly over 3 miles of the rock is concealed underground. In the aboriginal beliefs, there is a hollow underneath with energy called Tjukurpa meaning "dream time". This dreamtime is about reality being a dream. This is a myth or belief of the formation of the world.

Uluru is a popular tourist attraction, which the aboriginals aren't terribly fond of. And you can't really blame them since this is something in their beliefs and tourists don't pay it proper respect.

You can see pictures at this website:

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