Friday, May 27, 2011

Discussion 26: King's Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park is an old Long Island psychiatric facility. Many who have investigated the old building agree that the place has a decidedly spooky energy. Stories are told about mental patients being tortured in tunnels below the building, although the torture chambers' existence hasn't been confirmed. It is believed that abuse of patients did occur in this facility though. The actual facility is now closed, and entering the building is against the law, but stories still arise of people seeing spirits, hearing disembodied screams, and capturing photos of ghostly mists. For photos and info, see this site:

- This building seems like the perfect setting for ghost stories. Do you think it's easier for people to see ghostly phenomena in a place like this?

- The tunnels are believed to be places of torture. Do you think that negative energy can stick around so long?

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