Monday, February 14, 2011

Quiz: Which Famous Ghost Are You?

Want to find out which famous ghost you're most like? Take my quiz:

1. It seems like you spend most of your time:
A. Looking for lost things
B. Doing laundry and other chores
C. Traveling

2. You would love to be able too:
A. Predict the future
B. Grant wishes
C. Disappear

3. Your biggest flaw is:
A. You have a bad temper
B. You're always behind with chores
c. You're always forgetting things

4. You're favorite pastime is:
A. Taking moonlit walks
B. Sitting by a peaceful stream
C. Hanging out in cemeteries

5. What annoys you most?
A. People who don't listen to you
B. People always asking you for things
C. Bad weather on an important day

Here are the results:

Mostly A.'s:
If you picked mostly A's, the ghost you are most like is La Llorona, the ghostly weeping woman of Hispanic legend. According to the legend, La Llorona is the spirit of a woman who spends eternity searching for her dead children. Her haunting weeping is known to be a harbinger of death or misfortune. Her story is mostly told to deter children from staying outside after dark. If you are most like this ghost, you are sentimental, emotional, and devoted to those you care about. You have strong ties to your family and friends. But your hot temper and jealous streak may get you into trouble sometimes. See our discussion about La Llorona here for more info:

Mostly B's:
If you picked mostly B answers, you are most like the Bean Nighe, of Celtic legend. Also known as "The Washer Woman at the Ford," the Bean Nighe is a banshee-like spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. She spends her days washing blood-stained clothing in lonely wooded streams until the day she would have normally died. Those like the Bean Nighe are driven to success. You like to get your responsibilities done just so, even if it seems like there is an endless list of them. You are clever, and sometimes tricky, but you love to help others. Bean Nighe is known to grant wishes and predict future events. See our discussion here:

Mostly C's:
Picked mostly C's? You are most like Resurrection Mary. This Chicago native is a phantom hitchhiker. Mary was killed in an accident on a dark and stormy night, coming home from a dance. After that, she has been seen by many travelers on similar, stormy nights. If a driver sees her, and offers to give her a lift, she is said to ask to be dropped off near the cemetery where she is buried, then disappear without a trace. If you are most like Resurrection Mary, you are a hopeless romantic, who loves the excitement of the big city. You tend to live in the past sometimes, but you are also have a big heart, and a strong belief in the kindness of strangers. You love to meet new people on your travels, even if your "travels" are only a trip across town. See our discussion here:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Favorite Paranormal Creature

A quick little questionnaire for everyone. You can just copy and paste it into the comments with your answers.

Favorite Paranormal Creature:

Here is Frankie, myself, and our friends:

Name: Francesca Shiloh Schafer
Age: 10 (and 1/2)
Favorite Paranormal Creature: Phantom Hitchhikers and wendigos

Name: Paige Shepherd
Age: 10
Favorite Paranormal Creature: The Bean Nighe

Name: Emily Jacobs
Age: 12
Favorite Paranormal Creature: aliens

Name: Kit Jacobs
Age: 11
Favorite Paranormal Creature: werewolves and dragons

Name: Jocelyn Miles Bishop "JJ"
Age: 11
Favorite Paranormal Creature: mothman

Thanks everyone!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Discussion Fifteen: Dragons Part II

Frankie and Emily were kind enough to let me do another dragon post (or it's because they didn't have anything planned!).

I'll start with Eastern Dragons. These dragons are mostly from Japan, Korea, and China. These are the long, snake-like dragons depicted in Asian artwork. Chinese dragons have five toes. Japanese dragons have three toes. Korean dragons have four toes. No one is quite sure why, but some theories is that when the dragons started relocating they gained or lost toes. This is probably some evolution thing.

There are nine types of Chinese dragons (nine being a very lucky number to Chinese). These are: horned, celestial, spiritual, winged, coiling, yellow, king, and dragon of hidden treasures. Each different type plays a different part in Chinese beliefs/rituals/superstitions, etc. Eastern Dragons play a different role in society than Western dragons. Eastern dragons tend to be regarded more as an invisible force, something to pay homage too and things dealing with rituals and such. Western dragons are more of a feared thing, something that is hunted and wanted destroyed. Western dragons don't receive the same spiritual treatment Eastern dragons do.

One more thing to remember is that Eastern dragons don't have wings.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and leave your thoughts about Eastern dragons and/or any other dragon species.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Contest Reminder

Just a reminder that the photo contest ends on Thursday. We look forward to seeing your creations!