Saturday, April 30, 2011

Discussion 22: Hauntings at the White House

Do you know which famous place has been described as one of the most haunted American homes? The answer might surprise you. Stories have circulated for years and years about things that go bump in the night at the White House, by many important people who have lived there or visited.

-Abraham Lincoln reportedly once told his wife about a dream he had, in which he predicted his own death. He was also known to hold seances in the White House, in which he supposedly made contact with many spirits. Many political figures have claimed to see or sense Lincoln's ghost, including; Jacqueline Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ladybird Johnson, among others.

-The spirit of Dolley Madison allegedly stopped her beloved rose garden from being removed from the grounds. She transcended time to protect her prized possession. The garden still thrives today.

- An apparition of a cat is known to appear in the White House basement. The cat's appearance has predicted several tragic events.

Those were just some of the amazing presidential ghost stories. Find the full stories, and more, here: .

Do you believe in the White House ghosts? Here are some questions:

-Lincoln seems to be the most consistently seen ghost. Why do you think this is so? Maybe because he was so open to the idea of spirits. People claim that he had great psychic energy.

-Many important, educated people, such as presidents and First Ladies, have claimed to see ghosts in the White House. Does this make the stories seem more believable?

-Why do you think so many presidential ghosts stick around?

Happy Haunting,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Discussion 21: Crop Circles

What is a crop circle? The basic definition is a formation created by the flattening of tall crops, like corn, wheat, barley, etc. The exact date that these began appearing is unknown, but the most documented cases has occurred since the 1970's. Here are some pictures:
If you search the internet for pictures of crop circles do be wary of some them. Not everything on the internet is real, believe it or not :)

But what causes a crop circle or crop formation? One theory is that it is caused by the weather. Another is animal activity. The most popular theory is, of course, paranormal activity. Are aliens trying to communicate with us via these formations? Why would they only do them in crops and not just anywhere? Are crop circles caused by alien technology and/or UFO's?

What do you think causes crop circles? Or are they all just hoaxes?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Discussion 20: Boggarts

Boggarts are malevolent fairies. They originate in English folklore, and are similar to Brownies (not the chocolaty baked good, but the type of fairy. We'll do a discussion on Brownies some week).

Boggarts center on a specific family and cause misfortune and mischief. They will follow that family wherever they go. The only way to keep them away, according to some sources, is to hang a horseshoe over your door. In Rowling's Harry Potter and The Last Apprentice book series by Joseph Delaney, Boggarts are described a little differently, as a shape-shifting entity which morphs into whatever it's victim fears the most. It is said that no one know what a Boggart looks like in it's natural form, because of it's shape-shifting abilities.

What do you think Boggarts are really like? Do you think they are more like in older folklore:, or more like Boggarts in the Harry Potter series, and other fantasy novels?

If you believe Boggarts are shape-shifters who can read fear, what would they shape-shift into if you stumbled upon one? For me, a Boggart would probably turn into an ocean wave, because I'm most afraid of deep water and drowning.

Happy Haunting,

Friday, April 8, 2011

Discussion Nineteen: UFO's and Aliens

There has been quite a few sighting of UFO's recently. This one was spotted in Colorado:

What do you think it is? Is it really a UFO? If not, what could it be? With UFO sightings comes the fear of an alien invasion. What would you do if we are invaded? Or do you think we would even know? Maybe the government would find a way to keep it hush hush, like with Roswell. I'll post more information about what to do in the wake of an alien invasion. For now, you can discuss the UFO sighting and what you personally would do if aliens came to earth.