Friday, May 27, 2011

Discussion 26: King's Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park is an old Long Island psychiatric facility. Many who have investigated the old building agree that the place has a decidedly spooky energy. Stories are told about mental patients being tortured in tunnels below the building, although the torture chambers' existence hasn't been confirmed. It is believed that abuse of patients did occur in this facility though. The actual facility is now closed, and entering the building is against the law, but stories still arise of people seeing spirits, hearing disembodied screams, and capturing photos of ghostly mists. For photos and info, see this site:

- This building seems like the perfect setting for ghost stories. Do you think it's easier for people to see ghostly phenomena in a place like this?

- The tunnels are believed to be places of torture. Do you think that negative energy can stick around so long?

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Discussion 25: Questing Beast

Kit is here today to help me talk about the questing beast.

The Questing Beast is best known from stories about King Arthur. It's a pretty reoccurring theme with one knight or another on a quest to find it. The QB is usually described as sounding like "thirty hounds" with the noise coming from it's stomach. In the book Morte d'Arthur it is described as having the head of a snake, body of a leopard, a lion's back end, and a deer's feet. It's origin is supposedly from an incestuous affair that was aided by magic and produced this demon. The sound of dogs is from the curse the woman's brother placed on their child because he was sentenced to death by being torn to bits by dogs.

The QB has another incestuous affair tied to it as well (this being from Arthurian legends, of course) and that is Arthur's affair with his half sister Morgan or Morgause depending on which you believe (and don't get Kit started on that). The QB is said to be the symbol of Arthur's lust. But what really is this thing? Is it real? A lot of that could really depend on your opinion of Arthurian legends and whether or not you believe King Arthur was also a real being.

On the TV show Merlin the QB is called a creature born of old magic and "one bite, you die". What do you think the QB is? How was is created?

This discussion was brought to you by Emily and Kit.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Discussion 24: The Jersey Devil

In the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, a mysterious creature is said to exist. This creature is the Jersey Devil. According to local legend, the mother of the Jersey Devil was a woman named Mrs. Leeds, who was pregnant with her thirteenth child. The year was 1735. On the night she was to have the baby, she cursed it, saying; "Let this child be the devil." That night, she gave birth to a winged creature with hooves, and the child flew away. There are other variations of how the Jersey Devil came to be, but this version is the most well known.

Several years later, a member of the local clergy is said to have exorcised the Jersey Devil. It seemed to last for a while, but after time, people started seeing and hearing the creature again. He fed on people's cattle, and residents living near the Pine Barrens were terrified of this beast. Sightings continued, although no one could capture the beast. During the early 1900's, the Jersey Devil was reportedly seen by many, and the legend became more popular than ever. Sightings, however less frequent than in the past, continue into the present day.

Want to know more? Read the full legend here:


-Why do you think no one can capture the Jersey Devil?
-Why do you think sightings of it are less frequent now than in the past?
-Do you believe that this creature exists?
-If so, do you believe it is really a supernatural creature?

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Discussion 23: "Little People"

I have something a little bit different this week. In the Pryor Mountains of Montana (located south-central-ish near the Wyoming border) there is a Native American belief or legend of "little people" living in the mountains. They are often described as 18 inches tall (sort of like all of us) and are often called "devils" or "demons" (hopefully not like us).

Whether you believe in the Little People as part of Crow Indian folklore or as something else is for you to decide. Physical evidence has been found, but there are still no firm conclusions drawn as to what the mummies found are. Such as whether it is a pygmy or an infant or an actual little mountain dwelling person. This could be tied in with the discovery of Hobbit-like people found in Indonesia.

The question is: what kind of beings are these? We're all pretty into paranormal here, maybe that sways our belief that these are alien beings? Or do we base our thinking on science?

Questions: What do you think these Little People are? Just folklore? Alien species? Another race? Could they be similar to the supposed Hobbit people? Or would you consider the Hobbit people more scientific and the Little People more spiritual?

Little People of the Pryor Mountains