Saturday, December 4, 2010

Discussion Nine: The Legend of La Llorona

Anyone who has read Kathleen Ernst's Secrets in the Hills: A Josefina Mystery, has read about the weeping ghost La Llorona. This Hispanic legend tells of a ghostly woman who searches for her dead children. She is said to wander the earth, crying out and searching for them. Some versions of the story say that to hear her cry is a harbinger of sickness or death. Some versions of the story say that if she finds a child while she is wandering, she will take them in place of her own kids. That legend of la Llorona has been told for many years in Spanish speaking communities, as a warning to children.

What do you think of this endurinng legend? Do you think La Llorona is real, or is it just a tale to scare children from staying outside after dark? Have you ever heard of her, or even seen her?

Find out more about the legend here, then tell us what you think:



  1. Wow, now we need to read that Josefina story!

    Brenna- That website was really good and told a lot about the weeping woman. I think probably she is a combination of both things--a mom probably really did lose her children--I imagine that happened a lot when they lived near a river. But I also think that parents would keep a story alive so they could scare their kids into not going by the river, to keep them safe. Kids might not mind their parents if they said stay away from the river, but if they thought a scary ghost was gonna drag them in--they would stay away!

    Jess- Yeah, gotta agree with Brenna on that one. But it is really interesting that it follows hispanic people and even haunts a public building. That is kinda cool. I'd like to see her, from a distance, just in case she might decide I need to take a swim! But maybe she didn't drown her kids, maybe they just fell in and she is just super sad--but then why would she push other people's kids into the water? Hmmm, a mystery that we probably will never know the answer to.

  2. Emily - I think that's a really interesting legend. I'd say it's true being no different that other ghost hauntings. But I wonder which version is true? Either way it seems she ended up resenting her children. I'm guessing that is why she only drowns children? I don't feel sorry for her if the first story is true, she obviously cared more for partying than being a mother. But the second one is more sad and it's harder to blame her for drowning her children (not that anyone should). All in all I think it's true and creepy-cool.

  3. I also agree with Brenna, in that children probably did really drown, and that's how the legend starting. As for the ghost? I think she could be out there. This legend makes for a great story