Friday, October 14, 2011

Discussion 30: Telling a good scary story

Scary stories are an important part of Halloween. It's fun to spook your friends. Here are some of my favorite tips for telling a better scary story:

1. Set a spooky mood by dimming the lights.

2. Hold a flashlight under your chin while you tell the story.

3. Set your story in a place that's familiar to your guests, like a spooky old house in your neighborhood- it will make it seem much more real.

4. Talk slowly, in a low voice, so people will have to lean in to hear you.

5. Do not laugh while you are telling your story!

6. Have someone (like a sibling) sneak up on your guests and scare them.

7. Stories with a surprising twist at the end are crowd pleasers.

Those are my top tips for telling the best scary story in town. Enjoy!

Happy Haunting,

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